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Are you experiencing a backup in your home?
Here are a few helpful tips to help you analyze the problem
There should be a two way clean out fixture located just outside your home between the foundation and the septic tank, this fixture is typically located in a sewer box with a round lid marked sewer.
If there is no sewer box look for a 3" to 4" black pipe protruding from the ground, it will have a square male top that can be gripped with a pipe wrench.
Upon removal of the plug you will be able to see the flow line or bottom of the waste pipe below if it is not too deep, if there is more than an inch of standing water present in the line the blockage may be between the clean out and the tank.
If there is no standing water in the line the blockage may be in the line that runs back under the house.  In order to determine where the blockage is first make sure which if any drains in the house have flow.  The back up may be isolated to one of the secondary lines that attach to the main such as (shower, tub, bathroom sink or kitchen sink)  For instance if the main waste line is flowing this would indicate that one of the secondary lines is clogged and not the mainline.  If there is no flow whatsoever and the tank is operating as a normal level it is most likely the mainline that needs to be cleared
Often if there is a blockage between the house and the tank it can be cleared with a simple home type snake or the water pressure of a garden hose pushed out through the pipe from the clean out to the septic tank can do the trick. You may want to use an old hose and or one that will not be used to drink from in the future.
Digging out the septic tank access lid and opening it will tell you a great deal about what is going on as well.
If the water level is "normal" typically 6" below the concrete lid of the tank or at the flow line (sweep) of the inlet tee their is likely a blockage before the tank.
If the tank level is above "normal" there could be a problem between the tank and the distribution box or the distribution box and the leach lines, or the leach lines themselves could be failing.
Probing at various points in the length of the leach line will help to determine if the effluent is flowing throughout the entire line. If the probe comes back out of the ground dripping wet during probing the line is most likely saturated or there could be root intrusion or a clooapsed pipe blocking flow further down the line.
If the leach lines are saturated you will likely need to add additional lines in order to bring the system back into working order. 

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