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Septic Pumping

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Septic Tank Pumping Service  466-9607
Proper maintenance of your septic system is essential if you want to prevent serious problems from developing in the future.  We recommend that you clean out your septic tank every three to five years to prevent harmful sludge from entering into your leaching system.
The septic tank is merely a "holding tank" where natural bacterial action decomposes human waste.  The end product of this is water and undigested material (sludge & scum) and gases.  The sludge sinks to the bottom and the scum floats to the top, the gasses are vented through  plumbing in your house.  During pumping it is the sludge and scum that need to be removed from the tank
Water entering into the tank displaces water already in the tank.  One gallon of water in pushes one gallon of water out.  The water exiting the tank either flows or is pumped out to the absorption field or leach field
The pumping frequency needs to be often enough to prevent solids from exiting the tank and entering the leaching system.  This can occur when the sludge layer becomes thick enough to pass through the tank baffle and mix with the effluent in the second compartment of the septic tank.  Solids entering the leaching system will reduce the effective life of the system leading to costly repairs.
Protect your leaching system from unwanted sludge which over time will reduce the ability of the leaching system to absorb water.  An old or abused leaching system can cause ponding or pooling of effluent over the tank lids or in the area above the leaching system and may even back up in your home.  By pumping your septic tank on a regular basis you will extend the life of your leaching system.
Septic systems cannot dispose of all the material that enters the system.  Solids that are not broken down by bacteria begin to accumulate in the septic tank and eventually need to be removed.  The most common reason for system failure is not having these solids removed on a regular basis.  When the holding tank is not pumped out frequently enough the solids can enter the pipes leading to and from the tank.
This can cause sewage to back up into the house or cause the drainage system to fail as the pipes and soil become congested.  These problems are often costly to fix pose a danger to public health and are a significant source of water pollution.  Seepage from inadequate or failing septic systems can contaminate both ground and surface waters.
Here is a list of items that should never be introduced into your septic tank. These items will reduce or eliminate the effectiveness of the natural bacterial action present in the tank. This in turn can lead to more frequent pumping and an overall shorter lifespan of the leaching system.
   Motor Oil
   Paint thinner
   Grease cooking oil or fats Dispose these items as solid waste in the trash container
Excessive amounts of laundry detergent or bleach Use liquid laundry soap
Caustic drain cleaning agents should also be avoided
Inorganic material of any kind should never be introduced into the septic tank
Parrish & Sons Inc. is regulated by The state Of California the County Of San Joaquin and the City Of Stockton and will adhere to all of the regulations thereof.  We have encountered septic tanks that we were not able to service due to the presence of motor oil Paint meth lab byproducts or other illegal substances. The contents of these tanks can not be taken to a local sewage treatment plant for processing.  In some cases the contents of the tank must be removed by an environmental clean up company and the process monitored by local health officials. Commercial tanks must be inspected prior to pumping by The City Of Stockton Enviromental Department and put on a list of approved tanks.
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