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Sewer Connection

We Will Connect Your Home or Business
To The City Sewer System
The following page will give you the information you need to get started on your sewer connection. There are links to County & City agencies that need to be contacted for information on connection and permit costs and the availability of sewer lines near your home or commercial establishment
For those outside the City limits there will be additional paperwork required in order to connect
City Sewer Connection Made Easy Call 466-9607
Why Convert To The City Sewer System
The use of septic systems in a suburban setting is often a temporary means of wastewater treatment and disposal.  Septic systems have limited life span and some property owners may not have sufficient land for a replacement or reserve leach field area when the existing system fails. Or if additions to the existing dwelling require an expansion of the septic system in order to meet project requirement.  In such cases the only alternative is a site consultation from Environmental Health department in order to obtain a Special Permit. Or abandonment of the septic system and connection to the public sewer system if it is available to your site.
   If your property is within 200 feet of public sewer system you will be required to connect when your septic system fails  Perhaps you are planning substantial improvements to your property and can not meet septage space requirements for the project.
   Converting from an individual private septic system to public sewer may increase the market value of your property.  Additionally if your existing septic system is failing the market value of your property can decrease until you fix the situation by repairing/replacing your septic system or connecting to the City sewer system.
 Since septic systems are unpopular with most home buyers and can limit the ability to expand the size of your home or construct another building or swimming pool over those portions of your property designated for future leach lines.  Having a septic system in place as opposed to being connected to the sewer system will result in your property being less marketable at time of sale as compared to similar properties already connected to the City Sewer System. 
Sewer Availability
A public sewer main may be located in a street or a sewer easement adjacent to your property.  In some cases the sewer main may be located in the street but does not provide service lateral to your property.  In such cases if the sewer is available for your  use a sewer lateral may need to be constructed to provide service to your property. If a public sewer is available in your street or adjacent to your property a developer one or more of your neighbors or an assessment district involving many property owners may have constructed it. Depending on the circumstances the original installer of that sewer line might be owed a reimbursement (a share of the cost of construction) when a new connection occurs. In some cases the fees were partially paid through bonds that were attached to the property taxes. There will always be small permit fees in every case however the larger fees may have already been satisfied. 
City of Stockton staff will determine the situation with your individual property. If there is a reimbursement due, it will be collected by The City Of Stockton at time of connection and disbursed to the installer.
If your home is located outside the Stockton City limits you will be required to submit a will serve letter to the City of Stockton. The Will Serve letter can be obtained by visiting the County Permit Center at 1810 East Hazelton Ave Stockton California. Once you have purchased the will serve letter ($25.00) you will need to take it to the City of Stockton permit center located at 345 North El Dorado St Stockton 

In addition you will need to fill out a Sewer Connection Service Agreement @ the link below
San Joaquin County requires that septic tanks be properly abandoned when no longer needed.
The abandonment process involves obtaining a permit from S.J.County Environmental Health Department approximately $105.00.
Having the tank pumped out one last time (Call us for pricing) and filling the empty septic tank with compacted dirt sand gravel or other approved material.  Specific requirements for septic tank abandonment can be obtained by calling the San Joaquin County Environmental Health Department (209) 468-3420 Or by clicking on the link below

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