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Tank Inspection

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Septic Tank Inspection
Septic Tank Inspections are often needed for the sale or refinance of real property
Parrish & Sons Inc.  Will handle your Septic Tank Inspection in a timely and professional manner.
We will obtain County records pertaining to the subject property.
Provide you with a written inspection report regarding the condition of the septic tank and its location on the property.
Provide you with all avalible county records "permits" issued for the subject property. These documents provide important information such as the tank and leach field location with distances to the dwelling water well's and property line.
Provide you with relevant information regarding the condition of the leaching system  Based on visual inspection & County record's relating to the subject property.
Absorption/Drainage System
The drainage or absorption field which is connected to the septic tank either by gravity flow or an electric pump is a buried installation which "hidden" from normal visual inspection.  It would be difficult at best to make an accurate prediction as to how well it will perform for the future occupants of the home.
There are many factors to consider in it's longevity such as the age of the system the number of people residing in the home, the amount of water needed to sustain each occupant on a daily basis, leaky fixtures and the frequency of septic pumping since the system was installed.  Further information on maintaining your septic system can be found on our Septic Pumping page.
The impact on the leaching system will change from owner to owner. One thing is certain  Unless a Sewer Line is provided by a local municipality expansion of the existing leaching system will be necessary at some point in the future.
If you are considering the purchase of real estate where the septic system is the only means of waste water disposal make sure of the following:
There is enough room for future leach line repairs.
There is access to the area with large equipment needed for repairs.
Know where your water well is located and any wells that are located on adjacent properties.
Knowing the answers to these questions may help you to prepare for future expansion to your leaching system.
The septic system and future expansion must always be considered when planning home improvements such as room additions swimming pools or other buildings on your property.

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